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Tourism on el Oriente de Cuba

The tourism in the Oriente of Cuba plays a primordial role for the economy of the region and of the Island of Cuba. The area has hotel good infrastructure. Numerous beaches and exotic places get the attention of the Oriente of Cuba to the international tourism, where each county contributes with a distinctive stamp its more peculiar quality.

In the proximities of the costs of the Oriente of Cuba, surrounded of sea in almost all its totality, begins the domain of the green one and exhuberante vegetation, where the Cuban countryside imposes its class to offer to the tourism an exclusive show that mixes the blue of the sea with the traditional thing.

Valleys and hills combine with an unique vegetation and a fauna that it shows to the national bird Tocororo, accompanied by birds carpenters, parrots, cateyes, macaws, jutías congas, the aborígen manatee and even wild horses.

Museums, terms, forests, beaches, parks and nonpareil monuments identify to the Oriente of Cuba. Its inhabitants enjoy an idiosyncrasy very peculir that gives it a characteristic distinction touch in spite of the pleasant environment.

Tourism in Baracoa


Alluding to the most excellent particularities in the counties of the Oriente of Cuba, we should mention to the city of Baracoa in the county of Guantánamo, which stands out for its mountains. Baracoa opened the doors from the county to the international tourism giving as first gift an unforgettable view when you try to get her through La Farola, only road of access of impressive character to this first founded city ... more info.

Tourism in Playa Pesquero

Playa Pesquero

In the tourist pole of Holguín, in the Oriente of Cuba, Key Saetía is located to the income of the Bay of Nipe, considered the biggest nature reserve of domestic hunt and with wide existence of the most varied species. Also this province has diverse beaches dedicated to the tourism, as Playa Pesquero Beach, one of the beaches more sandy in the region, protected by coral reefs and mountains ... more info.

Tourism in Playa Guardalavaca

Playa Guardalavaca

Playa Guardalavaca is one of the principal coastal enclaves of the Oriente of Cuba, where a perfect combination of fine sand and sea, marked by the proximities of the mountains and the green of the vegetation characterize it and it's considered one of those but emblematical of the Oriente of Cuba. It contains virgin creeks as Fishing Beach and the prehispanic site of Chorro de Maíta ... more info.

Tourism in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

In the Oriente of Cuba it's the most Caribbean in the cities in Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, full with culture, history and traditions. It is also the place where two very traditional important festivities are developed: The Carnivals and The Parties of the Fire. Monuments and grateful historical places, declared World Heritage Site for UNESCO locate it in the highest reward ... more info.

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