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Tourism in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, county of the Oriente of Cuba, like tourist destination gathers unbeatable possibilities for the satisfaction of beaches, city tourism and of nature, for the wealth of places of interest in those three scenarios. In them it is developed with strength the tourism of events, so much cultural as commercial.

For those who arrive to Santiago de Cuba, diverse lodging options exist in the city and in the surroundings, consociates as much to the sea as to the nature. With variety of categories and comforts, it will always be a security for the visitors that look for the tranquility and the comfort.

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It Privileged by its historical becoming, in Santiago de Cuba it's settled two of the Cuban places distinguished by UNESCO with the title of World Heritage Site: the Castle of San Pedro de la Roca (El Morro) and the ruins of the French first coffee consents in La Gran Piedra. The cemetery Santa Ifigenia, the Historical Museum 26 de Julio and La Granjita Siboney, are indissolubly bound places to the history of Cuba. They are part of the attractiveness of the region, as well as Key Granma and Baconao Park (Reserve of the Biosphere).

Many more places are, among so many others, that constitute pride for the people from Santiago de Cuba: to be par excellence the cradle of almost all the musical goods of Cuba, country where the music is soul and root; the carnivals that every month of July take place, they are the most spectacular in Cuba; as well as its rum, the grateful Parties of the Fire and the already traditional Festival of Caribbean.

The region of Santiago de Cuba, that possesses the necessary infrastructure to foment the tourism of events and congresses, also it has in its mountainous and seafaring environment, all the conditions to develop the nature tourism and adventures, the hiking, the nautical activities, the cruiser trips and the tourism of health. But anything better than walking for the undulant and narrow streets from Santiago de Cuba loaded with history and at the same time of music.

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