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Tourism in Baracoa

Baracoa, city and municipality of the county of Guantánamo in the Oriente of Cuba, is the capital of the Nature Tourism in Cuba, which grows more and more. In Baracoa, the most beautiful landscapes and the natural best areas preserved in Cuba can be find it, where the vegetation is abundant, with a plentiful net of rivers.

Cayuca on Toa RiverHotel El Castillo

Culture, history and nature make the perfect combination so that every year thousands of people in the world choose to Baracoa like tourist destination and be avid of returning to this region of the Oriente of Cuba with people that attaches at most autochthonous of their customs and traditions.

The location, in the northeastern municipality of Baracoa, of the biggest cascade in Insular Caribbean, facilitates to link to the nature tourism to that hydrographic accident - called Salto Fino - caused by a tributary of abundant Toa river.

The ecological tourism in Baracoa is one of its principal attractions and for that reason it counts with diverse fascinating trails and ready for hiking, where you can through hike and boat rides be able to watch and to appreciate at the same time about beautiful scenarios of rivers, among those figure: Duaba, Jiguaní, Santa María and Taco.

All these trails belong to the Alexander von Humboldt National Park and the same ones have their own characteristics, although in everyone we can observe an abundant vegetation, beside a diverse fauna where it is allowed in some cases the practice of the bird-watch.

El Yunque

El Yunque Trail that runs through the Quibiján-Duaba Ecological Preserve, part of the Cuchillas del Toa Biosphere Preserve, to reach the Yunque —a flat-topped tableland 1886 feet (575 meters) above sea level- the top of the mountain is a natural lookout point which gives you a fantastic view of the city of Baracoa, the mouths of the Duaba and Toa Rivers, and the great mountain scenery in Alexander von Humboldt National Park.

Balcón de Iberia

Balcón de Iberia This hiking trail is ideal for seeing the scenery in Alexander von Humboldt National Park. It’s considered to be the largest and best-preserved mountain and tropical rainforest ecosystem in Cuba and in all of the Caribbean islands. Along the way, you’ll probably be able to see species of flora and fauna that are endemic to the Antilles, also you can see some of the smallest vertebrates in the world.

Banks of the Jiguaní

Banks of the Jiguaní This tour is a harmonious combination of hiking and a boat ride on the Jiguaní River, showing you the valley scenery and the river where it runs between high cliffs. The plant formations include mangrove thickets and shrub, evergreen and pine woods.

El Recreo

El Recreo On this hike you’ll see several different ecosystems and endemic species of flora and fauna, including Pino de Cuba, Bonita del Pinar and Draecena de Moa pine trees. The trail will take you across the clear Taco River—a powerful force that formed the valleys—and through a beautiful mountain valley and evergreen forests. The tour winds up with a dip in a natural pool in the Taco River.

Bay of Taco

Bay of Taco Most of this tour is made by rowboat or by boat with an electric motor. The departure is from a dock in the middle of the Bay of Taco - a narrow-entrance bay on the Atlantic Ocean -. During your trip, you see a mangrove thicket that covers a cay formed of volcanic-sedimentary tuff which has withstood the passing of the years and serves as the base for soil of vegetable origin. Also you’ll see important species of birds.

With that options, Baracoa has open door to propitiate to the visitor the exchange with the city environment and the endemic trait of its flora and fauna.

Main Hotels in Baracoa: Hotel El Castillo and Hotel Porto Santo

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