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The nature of el Oriente de Cuba

The Oriente de Cuba has the great flora reservation and endemic fauna is the most voluminous in Cuba and the Cariibbean that is conjugated with the existence of an autochthonous rich culture. A thousand species of flowers and 145 types of ferns exist. This fauna has birds in abatement danger like it is the case of the actual carpenter and the sparrow hawk caguarero, Tocororo, national bird of Cuba, it can also be for these places. The well-known almiquí scientifically as Solenodon cubanus, it has its well-known only habitat here.

Of the Oriente of Cuba it can be possible appraised the calcareous mogotes as the Yunque de Baracoa and the Great Cavern of Moa, this last one among the natural five national monuments of character that exist in the country.

A perfect combination of fine sand and sea, marked by the proximities of the mountains and the green of the vegetation characterize to the beach of Guardalavaca, considered between those but emblematical of the Oriente of Cuba.

In the Oriente of Cuba we find the Desembarco Granma National Park located in the county of Granma, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which protects 27 545 hectares of forests, diffs and reefs alone Cuba’s southern coast.

Enjoy the exhuberante beauty natural of the Oriente of Cuba where it will meet with pleasant surprises.

Alejandro von Humbolt National Park

Alejandro von Humbolt

Alejandro von Humbolt National Park holds the biggest hard and beautiful wooden reservations of the country. Toa River is the more abundant river in Cuba and its longitude is of 118 kilometers. Located in the county of Guantánamo, this area has one of the few places of forests with rain appearance in the north hemisphere ... more info.

Baconao Park

Baconao Park

In the Oriente of Cuba it is the second more important city of the whole country, Santiago de Cuba. Around the same one there are diverse natural attractiveness. To 20 km Sierra Maestra National Park is located that includes the Park Baconao, declared Natural Reservation of the Biosphere. It houses beaches like that of Siboney and coffee country properties. It is a suitable place to practice hiking and diving ... more info.

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