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Industry of el Oriente of Cuba

El Oriente de Cuba is the region support of the economy of the island. Rich region in natural and mineral petitions that it has known how to guide its efforts for the sake of its development based on the agriculture.

The economy of the Orient of Cuba has been sustained in the cultivation of the sugar cane, line that has stayed throughout the years, now in pettier quantity, opening the way to the development of the tourist industría as first source of foreign currencies of Cuba, where the East of Cuba plays a great and important role.

However, the nickel production in the Orient of Cuba is at the moment the locomotive of the national economy when transforming into the first domestic export product.

In spite of that the county of Holguín is the biggest reservation in the nickel as much in Cuba as to worlwide scale, new nickel locations and cobalt are explored in the county of Santiago de Cuba like part of the program of expansion of those lines in the country, located in the 2004 among the five first leader manufacturer of the world.

The exploitation of this new quarry will guarantee the future supply at three plant processors located in Moa and Nicaro, committed to reach annually in proximate years the 120 thousand tons of endproduct.

The Orient of Cuba has an economic base enough diversified that it includes a great textile complex, refinery of petroleum, central thermal and factories of derivatives of hydrocarbons. Here the county of Guantánamo is included, where the production of salt constitutes 70 percent of the home use.

The cultivation of the sunflower in Orient of Cuba is being promote. The agricultural sector of the county of Granma motivates the cultivation of the sunflower for its employment as raw material in a wide spectrum of activities, as the obtaining of eatable oil. This sunflower oil is used in the whole island in several branches, and combined with ozone it is used to cure estomatitis, affections taken place by mushrooms, and other illnesses.

The Orient of Cuba is day by day continues making an effort for its total integration and to win the condition of principal industrial of the Caribbean.

The Oriente of Cuba is a salt flats by nature. The people says that from last centuries, the bay of Guantánamo already constituted the biggest saltworks in the Oriente of Cuba that produce 70 percent of the home use of Salt in Cuba.

The Oriente of Cuba doesn't lag behind in the port activity. The same has the Port of Santiago de Cuba, occupying areas in different parts of the equal Bay names. This port enclosure is part of the territorial support of the future System of Port Managements of Cuba.

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