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Nickel Industry on el Oriente de Cuba

The nickel production in Cuba is concentrated on the factories "René Ramos Latour", of Nicaro, and "Pedro Soto Alba" and "Ernesto Che Guevara", of Moa, in territory of Holguín in the Oriente of Cuba.

Nickel Industry in HolguinNickel Industry in Moa

While the Nickel Processor Plant "Pedro Soto Alba" is a limited liability company between Cuba and Sherrit International Canadian Company, the others two ones belong to the government enterprise Cubaníquel.

As average per year, The "René Ramos Latour" produces nearly 10.000 tons of nickel without refining more cobalt, as long as The "Soto Alba" and "Che Guevara" produces more than 30.000 tons each one.

The Nickel is essential for the production of stainless steel and other resistant alloys to the corrosion, at the time that the cobalt is vital for the production of metals used in the production of airplane motors.

As for the Cuban nickel, it considered Class II, with a percentage of the mineral of 90 percent. Therefore it is followed a strategy to continue the search of reservations and to look for a bigger efficiency in the extraction of the nickel and in its processing.

According to studies in Cuba, the county of Holguín concentrates 34 percent of the world reservations of nickel, with more than 800 million tons of nickel more cobalt. And it is calculated that there would also be other 2.200 million tons of probable reservations.

In view of this verve of the Nickel Industry in the Oriente of Cuba, the tourism waived the leadership in the contributions of foreign currencies to the country after reaching around 2.200 million dollars and being overcame approximately by five hundred millions.

Much will have to make the tourism be again the "locomotive" of the economy of Cuba in front of a solid nickel production supported by the strength of the prices of the metal in the international market.

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