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The Cuban Revolution on the Oriente de Cuba

The victory of the Cuban Revolution brought changes in the Oriente of Cuba. The peasants received lands for the cultivation of the coffee and it improved the transportation in the area, problem that had persisted for the mountainous characteristics. The health arrived until all the corners the same as the education.

A transcendental momentous in this revolutionary process would be the Law of Land reform, which eliminated the large estate when nationalizing all the estates of the ground, and to give it to dozens of tens thousands of peasants, lessees and poor people, so much in the Oriente of Cuba like in the whole country.

The Oriente of Cuba was the region more poor of the country. With an almost nonexistent economy, the one that hardly subsisted for the agricultural tradition, it suffered the vicissitudes for those that the residents of the region happened, the hunger, the misery and the bad working conditions, those that still stayed in the first years of the revolution.

The designation of Fidel Castro like Prime minister, would print a quick rhythm to the measures of popular benefit. A general reduction of rents was approved; the beaches, before private started to mind-set of the town for its satisfaction and the companies that monopolized the public services were intervened.

This measure, that eliminated one of the fundamental supports of the domain neocolonial eliminated, raised the angry answer of the affected interests. The government from United States had not hidden his displeasure for the victory of the Revolution and a politics of systematic harassment adopted against Cuba, encouraging and supporting to movements contrarrevolutionaries with the purpose of destabilizing the country, the same as the imposition of a strong economic embargo, the one which had lasted by every year of revolution.

In the midst of economic difficulties remarkable, it was possible to eliminate the unemployment and to guarantee the population the satisfaction of their fundamental necessities.

The education was generalized, and it was one of the first won battles during the revolutionary process through the Literacy Campaign for all the corners of the Island, principally in the mountainous regions of the Oriente of Cuba. Schools were created until in Sierra Maestra more intricate places and establishments so that the peasants of the place didn't have to go down from the mountains to satisfy their necessities.

The medicine, in a same way, arrives to all the municipalities of the counties of the Oriente of Cuba transformed into services that include hospitals, polyclinic, rehabilitation rooms, armchairs or stomatologic clinic, areas of intensive cares in each territory, but also teaching for the professional formation of doctors and paramedics that from clinics in the communities are the angular stone of the domestic system of health, and they guarantee, for example that the infantile birth rate is below 5 for each thousand born alive, indicator of the rich stratum of the first world.

Today they are thousands the professionals of the Oriente of Cuba that offer their collaboration to the whole world, offering relief and hope in 22 countries of all the continents except Europe, the wrong way of the United States that invades, slaughters and tortures in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the illegal base naval of Guantánamo in the Oriente of Cuba.

The producers of the Oriente of Cuba are qualify constantly in a method that pursue to preserve the topsoil and to return it the fertility, affected by the automated practices.

The professional level has allowed to mark rules in the industrialization process in the Oriente of Cuba. So much so this region, in spite of its great mineral potential, it has become in the support of the economy of Cuba, thanks to the industry of the Nickel. It possesses the second cropper county of coffee in the country, the first producer of Salt, Coconut and Cocoa. That's to says, the Cuban revolution has been decisive in the total development of the Oriente of Cuba.

In the Oriente of Cuba, the life beats, it fights and works for the development, the human improvement and to elevate the level and the life quality of the citizens.

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