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Gulf of Guacanayabo, among Granma, Camagüey and Las Tunas

Gulf of Guacanayabo is located in the Oriente of Cuba among the counties of Granma, Camagüey, Las Tunas and the archipelago of Jardines de la Reina. In the waters of this gulf flow rivers of regional and national great importance as: the Cauto, Najasa and Yara.

Gulf of Guacanayabo

It is characterized to have great number of keys and coralline reefs in its few deep waters propitiating the population of biological diverse species that they constitute a fundamental marine wealth in the Cuban fishing exploitation. In the coastal area of the county of Granma, one of the most important port areas in Cuba is located, standing out the ports of Manzanillo, Santa Cruz del Sur and Niquero, which exploit principaly the fishing of lobsters, oysters, tunas, sardines as well as the coral extraction and other kind of marine animals. But not only it’s carried out the fishing like an economic activity, also like sport, where the shark, the fish sword and the garfish are the sport goals in the events.

At the end of the XV century and principles of the XVI one the Genoese admiral Cristóbal Colón travels around Gulf of Guacanayabo.

December 2 of 1956 arrive in Cuba, Fidel Castro next to 82 expeditionary for Las Coloradas beach (located in the south part of Gulf of Guacanayabo) on board the yacht Granma to continue the fight for the independence of Cuba.

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