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The changüi, musical style autochthonous from Guantánamo in the Oriente of Cuba, more than rhythm in order to enjoy the soul, is a way that people from Guantanamo gave to this land long ago, in order to express party, joy, meeting of men and women, united to a tres, xylophone and guayo.

The changüi appears by several couplets of pigmentation and culture. The word changüi according to Universal Serva Encyclopedic Dictionary, means in Cuba, ancient dancing of ordinary people, this definition concurs with the one of the Achetele Castillo Encyclopedic Dictionary and the Sopena.

This musical style appears in the northwest part of Guantánamo city in the Oriente of Cuba where are located the municipalities of El Salvador, Yateras and Manuel Tames, abundant by their musical traditions if the changüi style.

It is attributed to the changüi to be predecessor of the "son", rhythm that identifies the whole Cuba. The characteristic instrumental ensemble of the changüi is formed by a tres, xylophone, bongo, güiro and maracas, and it is corresponded to the three designs also characteristics of the "son" complex, pulsated string, harmonical bass and the rhythmical base, the changüi is more syncopated and difficult than the "son" because its principal instrument is the tres.

The scholars of the Cuban music point frequently the importance of the most eastern province in Cuba, in the origin and development of rhythms of ours very eminent, particularly the "son". In general these declarations stay alive, mainly in the wide rural zones where they are eminent elements in the enjoyment that the countrymen facilitate to themselves and the ones who have the fortune of participating in one of their parties.

The musical broadcasting of the style had in Elio Revé, son of this town one of the best walkers of the rhythmical rhythm in the entire archipelago long and good part of the world, so the first Changüi Festival was dedicated in memory of the Pailero Mayor.

At the present time there are several squares in Guantánamo in the Oriente of Cuba where we can enjoy this rhythm. The House of Changüi is the best place to spend unforgettable moments keeping time with rhythm so contagious that constitutes one of the important pillars in the identity of the people of Guantánamo and the Oriente of Cuba.

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