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Main Cities on el Oriente de Cuba

Important Cities on el Oriente de Cuba

The Oriente of Cuba has six important cities: Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Guantánamo, Baracoa, Bayamo and Las Tunas; each one of them with peculiarities that highlight them inside this region.

Baracoa City


Alluding to the most excellent particularities in the counties of the Oriente of Cuba, we should mention to the city of Baracoa in the county of Guantánamo, which stands out for its mountains. Baracoa opened the doors from the county to the international tourism giving as first gift an unforgettable view when you try to get her through La Farola, only road of access of impressive character to this first founded city ... more info.

Holguin City


Holguin City, has 5 famous parks that give it the popular name of Park City. This city is rich in cultural traditions, with the famous Romerias de Mayo that it makes use of one of its main constructions (The Cathedral of San Isidoro) from the architectural point of view to give the beginning to this Christian festivity famous in the whole Cuba ... more info.

Santiago de Cuba City

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba City is the heroic city and cradle of the Cuban Revolution. Many countless facts, cultures, traditions, places and monuments make Santiago de Cuba the most important city in the Oriente of Cuba. First capital of Cuba, The Naval Battle, the Assault to the Barracks Moncada, Sierra Maestra, Morro Castle, the Baconao Park, The Carnivals, The French Tumbas, The Church of El Cobre; all these, for just to mention some peculiarities of this city ... more info.

Guantanamo City


The Guantanamo City is famous for its exclusive mixing of African-Cuban musical influence well-known as Changüi. It has a colonial architecture very well represented by The Fame statue (status symbol of the city), this last one standing out in Palacio's tower Salcines, being an eclecticism success and a monument also being the most representative construction in this city, the same as the Martí Park ... more info.

Bayamo City


Bayamo City was the second village founded in Cuba by the Spaniards. One such protégé was lawyer-turned-revolutionary Carlos Manuel de Cespedes who – defying the traditional colonial will - attacked and wrested control of the town from its conservative Spanish authorities during the First War of Independence in 1868. In this city Perucho Figueredo was born, composer of the national Cuban anthem, with the words "Al combate corred Bayameses" (Run to the battle, people of Bayamo) ... more info.

Las Tunas City

Las Tunas

Las Tunas City, referred to alternatively as the “city of the sculptures” or El Balcón del Oriente (the Balcony of the Oriente), it retains its festive attractions. For culture seekers there’s a national renowed music festival, La Jornada Cucalambeana, in honor of the local décima (eight-syllable verse) poet Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo. ... more info.

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