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Main Cities on el Oriente de Cuba

City Las Tunas

The City of Las Tunas, belonging to the Oriente of Cuba, it was founded in 1759 and it enjoys an eclectic architecture and of an immense caudal of material and spiritual traditions of deep peasant root.

This city of the Oriente of Cuba, current capital of the county that takes its name, was recognized during the appended republic by a famous legend based on the night supposed appearance of an Indian without head mounted in a white energetic horse.

Las Tunas City

The City of Las Tunas is rich in the rural folclor and other folkloric Cuban elements of African origin that are in the base of the popular culture of the Oriente of Cuba.

Parties of the Folklore here have ingredients of tunes, African-American, Haitian, tangos and country music that unite to others one that dignify us even more with the chords of La Caldosa.

The City of Las Tunas, which it’s considered the capital of the Cuban sculpture, has about 70 monumental and environmental works.

Its autochthonous culture is varied, where it’s stands out the Jornada Cucalambeana, in honor to Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo, "El Cucalambe", poet of rural tradition that sings to the beauty of the landscape. His work was written in décimas. The Jornada Cucalambeana takes place every year in this city of the Oriente of Cuba with the presence of “repentistas” and “decimistas” poets that give the best thing of them in honor to the poet.

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