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Guantánamo City, land between rivers

Guantánamo is an aborigine name that means "land between rivers" and it is the city head of the county with same names. Located in the right bank of the river Guaso on a petty plain opened up in the foothills of Sierra del Saltadero de Guaso, in the Oriente of Cuba.

Welcome Sing on Guantanamo CityPark Jose Martí on Guantanamo City

At the beginning of the 19th century, a modest church was raised under Santa Catalina's certification and in contour of it Guantanamo city was growing gradually, that for those days it was called like Saltadero and also of Santa Catalina de Guaso.

The first constructions of 20th Century in Guantánamo, inform a modest transition of the planimetrical and altimetrical schemes developed in the colony, next to the desire of renovation of its builders and owners, who use external criterions that refers to the persistence of a neoclassicism on decadence.

Guantánamo became to be a very built city, modern, with good buildings and important center of an asset trade and see of several industries, without it had to envy anything to the most advanced city both here and abroad. Hospital city, with open mind and yearnings of progress.

The central park "José Martí" was in times of the Spanish domination, the Parade Ground, the place in which the troops encamped and made their military training. With the passage of time, this place was planted and became a park for entertainment.

Guantanamo City’s interesting places: El Museo Municipal, La Parroquia de Santa Catalina de Riccis, el establecimiento Plaza del Mercado Agro Industrial, La Casa Museo Palacio Salcines, La Biblioteca Policarpo Pineda, El Pabellón Guantánamo, El Parque Martí and others places and monuments that form the great architecture of this city, that it’s excellently subdivided in quarter: East, West, North, South, letting a central part inside.

In the city of Guantánamo, in the Oriente of Cuba, the life beats, the people fights and works for the city’s development, the human improvement and to elevate the level and the quality of its citizens' life.

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