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Coffee plantations, with a history of centuries

The Oriente of Cuba, with a history of centuries, incorporates to its attractiveness the ruins of several dozens of franc-Haitian coffee plantations settled down in that territory at the end of the 17th century and beginnings of the 19th.

Coffee plantationsCoffee plantations

Near a hundred of those ranches are registered in the county of Santiago de Cuba, remains of a time in which the Gallic colonists were settled, with their customs and culture. Thirty two of those old coffee plantations, developed by the French that escaped from neighboring Haiti in 1789 after the revolution in that country, also figure in the territory of the oriental county of Guantánamo.

The best coffee in Cuba is cultivated in the Oriente of Cuba in the mountainous hillsides of the massifs ones. The towns that are located in Sierra Maestra have a long tradition in the development of this cultivation. The gathering of the coffee is carried out manually in steep hillsides, where the pickers has to choose the grain by hand inside the dense coffee plantations, then its transfer is carried out in sacks on the shoulders of the pickers and later on transported in mules until the drying place where the grain is dries off by the sun light.

It’s here where the stages of elaboration of the final product begin.

Stages of Benefit and Industrial Process: Pulp Process, Fermentation , Washing, Drying, Grind, Cleansing, Classifying, Selection using density’s method , Optic electronic selection , Quality Control

Stages of Roasting: Roast, Cooling, Grind, Degasification, Packed

The peasants of the Oriente of Cuba still prepare the coffee with the traditional methods. After the coffee is dried, roasted, ground with a wooden grinder and this dust of coffe is strained using hot water and an small fabric bag that it’s makes the strainer function and filter.

It is a long road without place to doubts so that the clients outside and inside the country they can have a product of highest quality, thanks to the professionalism and devotion of the workers of the ALTOSERRA Company of Guantanamo, the best in Cuba during 2006 and the other ones three existent in Pinar del Rio, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.

In the Oriente of Cuba it’s produced famous Coffe Turquino, coffe gourmet of high quality, coming from Sierra Maestra coffe plantations, in Santiago de Cuba, county bigger producer of this grain in Cuba. Its delicate aroma and subtle delicious flavor make it comparable with the best coffees in the world.

Every year thousands people are meeting supporting the harvest of coffee in the Oriente of Cuba, where a fundamental contribution it’s offered by the plan "The school to work the land" that includes the students of higgh school. The mobilization of the youths constitutes a determining factor - which is classified: productive, efficient and judicious around the economic importance of the task - in the speed of the harvest of this grain in its maturation stage.

So much in the Oriente of Cuba like in the whole Island, the coffee is inseparable part of the identity and routine character of cuban people. The day it doesn't begin until the aroma floats on air and the lips savor the "sip of coffee". It is only then you are ready to face a new day and its challenges.

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