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Cocoa, food of gods

The Cocoa or "Food of the Gods" is a captivating fruit in the entire world because, besides delicious to the palate, it’s considered an energy source for who consume it.

The Cocoa is obtained of the seeds of the fruit of the tree of the same name. These are fermented, toasted and grined, being blended with sugar and water it form that nectar of well-known pleasant flavor as chocolate.

Cocoa plantationsCocoa plantations

To the cocoa, medicinal properties are conferred, and the most recent investigations demonstrate that its bioactive elements possess healing and anti-rust effects; all these elements diminish the heart disease and the stress, and they favor the concentration of the students in classes; because this almost contains 20% of proteins, 40% of hydrates of carbon and 40% of fatty and it is very nutritious.

In those distant times, from the colonization of Cuba for the Spaniards the Cocoa was imported from Mexico (cradle of the Cocoa), until from that nation it was introduced in our country in the 19th century, and it found the suitable conditions for its reproduction in the Oriente of Cuba.

The Cocoa is cultivated fundamentally in the Oriente of Cuba. The county of Guantanamo concentrates the biggest production, with around 85% of the national storing, continued by Santiago de Cuba, Granma and Holguín.

The region of Baracoa converted today in the Cuban capital in the crop of the Cocoa, it produces 75 percent of all the chocolate of the Island at the moment, and where it is located a factory of powdered chocolate and chocolate bars that it has passed by several modernizations from its foundation in 1963.

Baracoa has become the place of the Cuban territory most favorable for the crop of the cocoa for several good climatic conditions, as its precipitation levels, of 1 500 to annual 2 500 mm and the environmental temperature average about 24 to 28 grades Celsius, besides the wealth of the soils.

In the Center of the Investigation of the Cocoa, located in Baracoa and inaugurated in 1979, technicians and specialists work in a project of analysis of the 143 varieties in a beget area that aspires to have some 200. Until the moment they have certified 23 varieties with good characteristic for their introduction in the country.

As part of the most recent efforts of the Cuban scientists today it is developed with good results in the massifs of Baracoa and Guantánamo the cultivation of ecological cocoa of first class, demanded in the international market.

Of the Cocoa takes advantage everything, it is good for the medicine, the cosmetic, human and animal feed. For something, from pre-Columbus times this fruit was known as the drink of the gods, this is the life!, it was used a lot among the native towns of America in the religious rites. It is part of cuban culture.

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